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Where are the document settings at for setting what pages print?

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  • Where are the document settings at for setting what pages print?

    I am in particular looking for the settings that will set the pages that print when someone hits print. I originally developed this PDF in Acrobat and I had it set to only print pages 2 and 3, now I have added a page (more pages to come) and need to change the setting to print only pages 3 & 4.

    Thank you

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    Hi Madmaxneo, We usually go under "File"->"Print" then click on "Pages" then type in 3,4 in order to print only pages 3 & 4. If this is not what you want, please send us the script or detailed info about your requirement so we could better advise. Thank you. BTW, you may also choose to email the info to [email protected]. Thank you.


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      Hey Cherry,
      Thank you for the response. What I am looking for is a way to have it automatically print a set of pages instead of the whole PDF at one time. In reality the whole document is not supposed to be printed only the last two pages. In Acrobat this is not a script but a setting in the "document settings" and I have been unable to locate something similar in Foxit. Right now the pages I had set to print in acrobat are still set so if you hit print it will only print those pages. That is unless you go into the print dialog and change that to print the other pages.


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        Hey Madmaxneo,

        Thanks for the update. Could you please kindly let us know where the mentioned setting "document settings" located so we could try and better advise? Thank you.