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  • lyndi_wu
    Hi mn_voyageur,

    If you are using Standard edition, you can use the tool Rectangle under Comment menu to draw a white rectangle over the existing graphics, select the rectangle by Select Annotation tool and right click, go to Properties, you can set Color and Fill Color in the Appearance tab.Then use the typewriter or Add Text to add text.

    But the rectangle is a comment tool, it is not a good way,would you mind trying Business edition? You could use the feature Redaction to cover the graphics , then add new text, or use Edit>Edit Object to edit the graphic.

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  • mn_voyageur
    started a topic Send to Back / Send to Front

    Send to Back / Send to Front

    I am trying to replace text in a PDF using PhantomPDF Standard.

    I was expecting to be able to create a white rectangle over the existing graphics. The use the typewriter to change the information.

    This has not worked as I expected. Do you have any suggestions?