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PhantomPDF Fails to Save as Excel

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  • Bug PhantomPDF Fails to Save as Excel

    I have tested several PDF's to check the option to Save as Excel, both in .xls and .xlsx formats. All the files process, but fail to create the file. I have also tested Save as PowerPoint and Word. Both of those created successfully.
    I am using PhantomPDF Business, version on Windows 7 w/SP1 64 bit.
    Any ideas here? I am new to Foxit and a former Adobe Acrobat user for years.
    Thank you.

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    Hi mturman,

    This may be related to particular documents. Can I get a copy to test and better advise? Thank you.


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      Thank you for your reply cherry. I would send you a sample, however they are some finacial files and I really can't share those. I did however test using another approach and created a PDF from an Excel file. Then opened the PDF with PhantomPDF and used Save As - Excel. It worked this way, so my guess is the original PDF files I have are not of the correct type as you state.


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        Thanks for the update, mturman.


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          When I was stuck in a similar situation of Excel save as pdf not showing issue I don’t have any idea on how to fix this.

          But after doing so much research now I know how to fix this.

          If you are not getting the option to save then export it.
          When the save as pdf not showing in Excel in that case you can try exporting your Excel file as PDF format.
          Here are the steps to export the Excel files as a PDF.
          1. Go to the File tab> Export> Create PDF/XPS Document> Create PDF/XPS.
          2. Now open the Publish as PDF or XPS menu. It is similar like Save As menu.
          3. Assign the location to publish and access advanced PDF Options.
          Good luck...!


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            Thanks for sharing this helpful workaround, appreciate your time.