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PhantomPDF Fails to Save as Excel

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  • Bug PhantomPDF Fails to Save as Excel

    I have tested several PDF's to check the option to Save as Excel, both in .xls and .xlsx formats. All the files process, but fail to create the file. I have also tested Save as PowerPoint and Word. Both of those created successfully.
    I am using PhantomPDF Business, version on Windows 7 w/SP1 64 bit.
    Any ideas here? I am new to Foxit and a former Adobe Acrobat user for years.
    Thank you.

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    Hi mturman,

    This may be related to particular documents. Can I get a copy to test and better advise? Thank you.


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      Thank you for your reply cherry. I would send you a sample, however they are some finacial files and I really can't share those. I did however test using another approach and created a PDF from an Excel file. Then opened the PDF with PhantomPDF and used Save As - Excel. It worked this way, so my guess is the original PDF files I have are not of the correct type as you state.


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        Thanks for the update, mturman.