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Phantom Killed My Thumbnail View - Windows 7/64 Bit

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  • Bug Phantom Killed My Thumbnail View - Windows 7/64 Bit

    I have used Acrobat for years, but recently I decided to try the Foxit Phantom trial. Just before that I had
    gone without PDF thumbnails for over a year. Then I discovered a "fix" (Fixes for 64-bit Adobe Reader), which
    worked beautifully btw. I finally had my thumbnails and preview data for PDF back... until I installed Phantom.
    I have since uninstalled Phantom but my thumbnails are now gone for good it seems. I am NOT happy to say
    the least.

    Is this due to installing Phantom while Acrobat Pro was installed? Does anyone know how to fix it? I'm not
    very thrilled with Foxit at the moment. Phantom has already caused me considerable frustration and I very
    much regret installing it.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently Foxit PhantomPDF doesn't support the Thumbnail View in Windows 7/64 Bit. I've reported this issue to our internal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 29297.