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Merge two files, alternating pages from each.

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  • cherry
    Hi BNGI,

    Thanks for the post. We did receive similar request from other users and plan to add the feature in version 8.1. I've forwarded your comments to PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-3062.

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  • BNGI
    started a topic Feature Merge two files, alternating pages from each.

    Merge two files, alternating pages from each.


    I have not been able to find a feature in Foxit Phantom PDF Business that may be of interest to many (I guess). I own an MFC printer with a scanner that has ADF, but the scanner is not 2-sided (pretty common nowadays). When you scan originals that are two-sided, you end up with two documents, one having all the odd pages and one having all the even pages. Depending on how the document is fed, one of the two files could have the pages in reversed order.

    Foxit Phantom PDF can combine the two files, but you end up with a PDF having pages 1,3,5,7, then 2,4,6,8, or 1,3,5,7 then 8,6,4,2. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a feature allowing merging of two files by alternating their pages and possibly reversing the page order from any of the two files. I haven't been able to find this feature in any software packages, but I can't believe I'm the only one having this problem. Is the only available fix that of buying a new 2-sided scanner with ADF?

    Thank you,