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Scanned PDFs not displaying all pages in Adobe products

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  • Bug Scanned PDFs not displaying all pages in Adobe products

    Hello forum,

    Our scanner workstation uses Phantom and a Fujitsu 6130. My boss recently attended a tech conference and took 41 pages of handwritten notes.

    I scanned and saved the notes using the above workstation.

    I opened the scanned PDF at my workstation in Phantom Standard, and every page appeared as expected. Since different portions of the notes refer to different seminars, I decided to extract pages pertaining to specific seminars and saving them as their own PDF.

    Here's my problem:

    When I open the extracted notes to review in Adobe Reader X, Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard, and Adobe Acrobat X Pro, certain pages are blank and an info box pops up claiming "Insufficient data for an image." Likewise, Adobe products are unable to view the same pages in the full, scanned PDF as in the extracted PDFs.

    I tried opening the PDFs in SumatraPDF, and it also was unable to read those pages.

    I tried rescanning the notes and different pages than before had the same problem.

    This is a problem for me because some of our staff uses Foxit and some staff uses Adobe products.

    Does anyone have any insight into what is going on here?

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    Hi greg,

    What about the scanned results of Foxit PhantomPDF Standard Could you please update the scan driver of your Fujitsu 6130 and try again?
    If the issue persists, please send a copy of the mentioned scanned PDF document to [email protected] so we could take a closer look at the problem. Thank you.


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      It looks fine in I'll try updating the scan driver and get back to you.

      One other point, we're also using Kofax VRS Rescan to clean up scanned images prior to OCR.