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Unresolved issues with Phantom PDF Standard Edition

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  • Bug Unresolved issues with Phantom PDF Standard Edition

    I have been using Phantom PDF Standard Edition for almost a year. I was so happy with it that I even convinced the hospital I work for to purchase it.
    Unfortunately, this has backfired on me.

    We have had problems printing to pdf from different softwares using the Phantom PDF driver. One very common issue is missing graphics. The interesting thing is that if we used the free CutePDF driver, the graphics printed correctly, hence the egg on my face.

    A second issue is printing web information to pdf. Whenever we try to do so, the software hangs forever and never ends up printing the web pages. However, no problems printing the web content using CutePDF.

    A third issue is the OCR character recognition. It does a great job at recognizing written text, but lousy at recognizing numbers in tables of numbers. We find that we have to constantly make corrections, especially in regards to numbers with commas (for thousands) and decimal points. Most of our data has both, so this renders this feature quite useless.

    I was a big proponent of Phantom PDF over Adobe Acrobat at my hospital and I was able to convince them to purchase Phantom PDF based on (1) price, (2) ease of use, (3) pdf editing tools, and (4) no bloat in the software. However, my co-workers got fed up with the above problems and are currently using CutePDF (free) instead.

    I have contacted tech support by e-mail multiple times in the past about these issues, but clearly they have not been resolved, since we still have the issue after installing the updates.

    I am disappointed in the software and now I am very careful about recommending it to anyone.

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    We highly appreciate for your support and apologize for any trouble this may cause you.You said you reported these issues before, may i know the ticket numbers or reported mantis numbers so i could track them and send reminders to Dev team to inform them to pay high attention to them?Thank you.


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      I too have started experiencing problems with the print to pdf routine. One software prints graphics over the the text and teh text is white on white background. Another software crashes when it calls the print to pdf routine.
      Was working fine up to v5.4 (standard)

      Like you say, other pdf printers work ok with the aforementioned software.


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        Hi Svennis,

        We extremely apologize for any difficulty using Foxit PhantomPDF. As to this situation you met ,firstly we suggest you try to perform a fresh installation for your Foxit PhantomPDF standard to see if it helps as sometimes reinstallation may help to fix some unexpected problem. Please do the following procedures:
        1.Login your computer with administrator account and close any other program running on desktop.
        2.Uninstall Foxit PhantomPDF from control panel.
        3.Download Foxit PhantomPDF Standard from the link below:
        Foxit PhantomPDF Standard (32bits):

        Foxit PhantomPDF Standard (64bits):

        and install it.
        The the issue still persists in the new installation,please help to provide us with the following information for further investigation:
        1.The exact name and the version number of the mentioned software.
        2.The OS information of your computer, Please download tool from the link below:
        Please run it>click GetInfo>choose Save> send the saved TXT file to us.
        3.The screen shoot when the software crashes.
        4.In which step the software crashes , start or during the printing?
        5.Did this crash issue always happen when you tired to create PDF file with Foxit PhantomPDF printer from within the software or it is just an occasional issue?
        6.The crashlog.txt file ,you can find it under your Foxit PhantomPDF main installation folder,by default the folder is:
        "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF\"
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          For what it's worth, I've experienced a similar problem with printing to a PDF with the Foxit driver. Luckily, it's just been on my machine. (In IT, it tends to get a little used and abused, so I didn't think too much about it.) Reinstall seems to have fixed it but I'm concerned since I'm about to roll this out to the rest of the company. I'll try to pay attention to particulars if it happens again and pass along the information. I only noticed this after updating to 5.4.2 so it may be something in this version.