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Cropping method in Standard significantly inferior to Acrobat

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  • Feedback Cropping method in Standard significantly inferior to Acrobat

    I'm pushing to put Phantom on to new boxes instead of continuing on the Adobe upgrade cycle. I have had several of my more demanding users test driving Standard.

    One of my engineers found that cropping pages is basically broken compared to Acrobat - adjusting the cropped area as if it were printer page margins. They're used to drag-to-select for cropping, being long-time AutoCAD users. I just downloaded the Business edition in the hope that the "advanced" editing features include that, but the downloadable documentation doesn't seem to distinguish between the two versions as regards cropping.

    From the Foxit PhantomPDF User Manual, p 62:

    1. Open the PDF document within which you want to crop pages.
    2. Open the Crop Pages dialog box using one of the following methods:
     Choose Organize > Crop Pages.
     From the right click context menu on the Pages thumbnails, choose Crop Pages.
    3. In the Crop Pages dialog box, adjust values for the Margin Controls: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. A black rectangle in the thumbnail page display shows the adjusted boundaries of the cropped page.
    4. Under Page Range, do any of the following:
     To crop all pages in the PDF, select All.
     To crop only one page or a range of pages, select From, and enter page numbers in the From and To options.
    5. Click OK.

    Is the above as good as it gets? Also, hire a copy editor for your manuals, there are some glaring typos.

    Brian in CA

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    Hi Brian,

    Could you please send us more info about the mentioned 'cropping pages is basically broken' so I could try to replicate the issue and report it for further investigation? Please include the operation steps to replicate the issue.
    For "drag-to-select for cropping", I've forwarded it as suggestion to PhantomPDF PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-728.
    And your feedback about PhantomPDF user manual has also been forwarded for processing. Thank you.