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Create forms where data can be saved with Acrobat Reader

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  • Feature Create forms where data can be saved with Acrobat Reader

    It is possible using Foxit Phantom 5.1 Standard to create forms that can be filled in AND allow the saving of the filled in data by a recipient using Acrobat Reader? Adobe has some "extended rights" functionality on their Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Standard that allows this. I need the same functionality from Foxit Phantom.

    Basically, I need to modify an existing form to add fill-in-the blank fields using Foxit Phantom. I would like recipients of this form to be able to save (not just print) the data using Acrobat 8, 9, X. I'd love for them to use Foxit Reader, but these are customers and I have no control over that.

    Is this possible.

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    I am sorry it's impossible. There is a menu in Acrobat that enable users of Adobe Reader(version 8 or later) to fill in and save PDF forms locally. It is a cummunication mechanism between Acrobat and Adobe Reader.I think it's Adobe's marketing policy. That's if you want to make Adobe Reader to save the filled data, you have to purchase Adobe Acrobat to enable this feature.So you can use any pdf reader to save it except Acrobat reader.