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  • Bug Pages reversed

    When I view a multipage pdf (say 15 pages) in Windows File Manager or Acrobat Reader or Cute PDF or ANY pdf program, the pages display as expected (eg 1 - 15) and the up & down arrow and page up/down work as expected - ie from the first page to the last page for "down" and the reverse for "up".

    However, when I open the same pdf doc in Foxit, the pages are reversed (eg 15 to 1)....and the up/down arrows work in reverse too.

    If I save this doc from Foxit, and view it on the other programs, it displays correctly (eg pages 1 - 15).

    So why does Foxit Phantom insist on displaying the doc reversed/inverted?

    How do I fix it?

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    Please go to View->view mode->uncheck "reverse view" to fix it.