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No "append" function in Phantom Express printer driver?

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  • Feedback No "append" function in Phantom Express printer driver?


    I just purchased Phantom Express, mostly because I wanted to support you guys,having used Reader for years.

    Tech support told me that Phantom included a printer driver, which it does, but I was surprised to find that it (apparently) doesn't support "append" function.

    Only choice I get when "printing" something to an existing PDF file, is "overwrite." No, I don't want to overwrite, but I want to append to the existing file. I got around
    this in Reader by using Bullzip or Primo printer drivers (free), but I'm really surprised that it isn't there.

    Hopefully I'm missing something here. It's often necessary to "append" pages
    when building up a .PDF file from several individual files.

    Let me know.

    Stephen Porter

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    Sorry, the append is a useful function. But it is unavailable in our printer currently, and it has been in our to-do-list. we will elevate this feature request to our team, and hope it will be implemented soon.