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Documents created using PhantomPDF Express causing errors when editing in Adobe Std

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  • Bug Documents created using PhantomPDF Express causing errors when editing in Adobe Std

    When we create a document using PhantomPDF we are getting the following error if we try and edit it in Adobe Std:
    "All or part of the selection has no available system font. You cannot add or delete text using the currently selected font."

    We do not get this error in Adobe std when using our old pdf creation software and create the same document.
    I have tried using the different font options on the PhantomPDF printer, but all produce the same issue.

    Just to add more information. It looks like it's anything on the document in BOLD that we get the error.
    If I open up the section of code in the PDF that gives us the Error in Foxit Editor it says
    Text: 1[-15.43]13[16.76]78[16.76]08
    Font: Embedded Font: FPEF AC+Arial Bold (Horizontal)

    In the PDF that doesn't error (created with the old PDF creation software)
    Text: 1[-15.28]1[8.53]3[8.53]7[8.53]8[8.53]0[8.53]8[8.53]
    Font: Embedded Font: NKNSTI+Arial,Bold
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    Hi Venices,

    Please send us following info for further investigation:
    1) From which program did you convert the document;
    2) A copy of the original document that you used Foxit PhantomPDF Printer to convert;
    3) A copy of the PDF document that cause errors when editing in Adobe Std;
    4) The one that can be edited fine in Adobe Std.

    If it is inconvenient to upload directly here, please send them as attachments to [email protected].


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      1) It's a crystal reports document.
      2) The only thing I have is an XML document that is generated and I will attach to the email you sent.
      3 & 4) I will also send in the attachment.