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  • crash printing from firefox

    When trying to create a pdf from a firefox web page by using "print" everything locks up.

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    Which version of Foxit PhantomPDF do you use?
    Does it happen to every web page when you try to print?


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      I'm using the version I downloaded this week from Foxit, ver Firefox is up to date, but everytime I try to print to Foxit I get the not responding message & have to go to task manager to close both printing & firefox. Also Internet Explorer prints fine to Foxit. Also I'm running Windows 7 on a new computer with all updates installed.


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        Please reply me below questions:
        1)Which version of Firefox do you use?16?
        2)Which edition do you use, Foxit PhantomPDF Express, Standard or Business?
        3)In which step does it stop?The moment when you click on print button or when you are asked to input file name you want to print?Please help to make a screenshot of it.
        4)You computer info:
        Please use the following tool to get computer information

        Please run it>click GetInfo>choose Save> send the saved TXT file to us.


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          It has never happened with me. I just wonder how it happened with you. I guess you forgot to upgrade the Firefox.