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Problem with print, Auto-Center don't work

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  • Bug Problem with print, Auto-Center don't work


    after last update I have problem with printing documents. Document on the paper is moved to right side, like Auto-Center don't work.
    It happens on both our printers same way. Print in Adobe Reader is without this problem (same setting of printers).

    Preview in Foxit PhantomPDF look OK but on the paper is document moved, right side (cca 5mm) of document is out od paper.

    Scaling Type is set to: Fit to Printer Margins, Auto-Center on, same setting before update work fine.

    We use Foxit FantomPDF 2 years without problem. (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Service Pack 1)

    Thanks for help.

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    Hi Matu,

    Please let us know the version info of your Foxt PhantomPDF and send us a copy of the PDF document for internal test only. You may choose to send the docment to [email protected].


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      Problem with print Auto Center dont work

      Hi Guys I was going through the patterns and tried to print them and for some reason the preview is only showing and printing only 2/3s of the pattern. It worked fine last year using Windows 7 so I dont know if Im doing something wrong or something has changed.


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        Hi AngelaXXX,

        Please send us the followng info so we could further investigate the issue:
        1) Version info of your PhantomPDF;
        2) A copy of that PDF document.
        3) If possible, an image that showing how it was printed incorrectly.
        4) Your Computer info:

        Please run it>click GetInfo>choose Save> send the saved TXT file
        5) Your Printer info:

        Please Run it>click Select Printer>choose the printer which has this problem>copy all the info listed there to us.


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          I am sure that Matu, like me and others, are using the latest update of PhantomPDF. The issue is that prior to this update auto center and fit to printer margins did work. Now and after the update, actual printouts are clipped along the top margin of each page of the document. This is occurring on both of my computers -- one running XP and the other Win7 -- regardless of what printer I print to. If I print the PDF using another PDF viewer such as Adobe, then the printouts are fine. Thus the issue is within the code of the latest update.


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            This issue has been corrected in the latest 5.5.6, would you mind upgrading to it and give it a try?