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How to create a link to a bookmark

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  • FAQ How to create a link to a bookmark


    I have created a document with a Mindmapping Tool.
    I create bookmarks for some pages of the document with Foxit Phantom Buisness.

    I have to do myself the links to navigate quickly beetween pages. I use the rectangle link tool and the "go to view" action, but if I insert a new page or I delete one, all my links are wrong now.

    I try to use the action "Go to a named position", but there is then a pop up "there is no named position into the document".
    Question 1 :
    How to create

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    Go to a named position – designate the link to a named position that has been set by creator of the current document. For example, I have a word document then I create a bookmark in Word program by using the 'Insert'->'Bookmark'. Then the PDF document created from the Word document will have a position that available to be chose.