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howto - html to pdf - what does mean 'unable to start excel'?

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  • Feedback howto - html to pdf - what does mean 'unable to start excel'?


    Using latest Foxit PhantomPDF (trial) Express Edition; File -> Create PDF -> from multiples files ... (merge into 1 file) select folder (containing *.html files (7000)) -> Convert

    The status field reports: unable to start excel

    What does this mean?



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    Hi lohen,

    What is your OS? What is the version info of your Word? Can you convert the excel file to PDF document from within Excel?


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      Hi cherry,

      sorry for the late reply

      XP SP3 (32bit Home), but i haven't any Office installed (not even standalone Word)

      I'm hoping PhantomPDF is able (by its own) to gather a bunch of html files (in one folder) which are referencing to each other, and combine them in a single PDF file; there's however no order in the names of these html, except for one, named menu.html which must be at the top (a sort of table of contents) - i reckon this is a disadvantage whenever paging thru the PDF, but the idea is to navigate by means of links

      I found only one other commercial solution (not to have to rely on Adobe's Acrobat series; too expensive for what i'm after imho), which features a selectable background color (which is really nice, to comply with the html contents' background color so that there are no white borders etc), but this one doesn't support the links (all is just plain text)

      Nice would also be when shorter pages would be stretched to the default page length (with blank lines, in the selected background color), so that viewing the PDF in fit-to-page layout shows a page (or two pages side by side) with equal (default) page length, allowing the PageDown/Up keys to page the whole document

      Anyway, links in the html really need to hypertext, that's mandatory

      Any chance i could get this accomplished with PhantomPDF?

      Suggestions are much appreciated, tia