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  • Bug Prints blank pages

    Hi. I have the latest version of PhantomPDF and recently it has started printing out blank pdf pages. The problem is more evident when printing A3 but every now and then it will do it to A4. I have tested out other document types (e.g. word and excel) and they seem to be printing out correctly.

    Any ideas?

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    I have the same issue except it prints A3's fine, but always blanks on A4. All other applications print fine as did my old version of Phantom.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no effect - swopped print settings to include and exclude annotations - again no change - blank pages everytime - the same documents print out fine in Acrobat


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      Hi Daryn and dropzone31,

      Sorry for the problem. The blank printing problem has been fixed in Foxit PhantomPDF 6.0 which is under beta testing now. So the problem should not exist in the next release. Please keep an eye out for that. Thank you.