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  • Bug Read Page - Text To Speech Problem

    Hello, I just created this account to report a bug in Foxit PhantomPDF Bussines

    The problem: I love the "Read Page" feature, but when the voice reaches the line's final, it stops reading for 2 or 3 seconds, and then continues reading the line below. This stops are very annoying, I want a fluent reading, nonstop.


    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. (2 or 3 seconds stopped)
    (continue reading) Morbi malesuada tortor a justo elementum vehicula et sit amet tortor.

    This big problem occurs with all lines, which means thousands and thousands lines in my PDF books... very frustrating!!!
    I hope this problem will be resolved in the future!


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    It reads fine with Foxit PhantomPDF 5.5.6 on my side, have you tried to increase speech rate?
    Or would you mind sending us the file sample for closer test?


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      Thanks for reply.

      I updated my Foxit PhantomPDF to, but the problem persists...

      Here is the document (original link): Navigate The Future Of The Security Organization

      Or, if you want, I uploaded mine: Sendspace // Crocko // Zippyshare

      PS: This problem occurs with all my PDF files, not only with this file.


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        bump... Any news?


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          Hi Jcfla,

          Thanks for the files. But the mentioned problem can not be replicated on my side either. Coudl you please open PhantomPDF->go to 'Edit'->'Preferences'->'Speech'->to make a screenshot of your Read Out Loud Options. Thanks you again.


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            Click image for larger version

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              Hi jcfla,

              Please change the value of 'Pitch' and 'Rate' to 5 as it is on my side and try again.


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                The problem persists...


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                  I have exactly the same problem. I just downloaded Foxit for this very purpose, and was dismayed to find that while I can speed up the voice, it always pauses at the end of every line. This is Foxit Reader Version, running on a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga.


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                    Hi dalereed,

                    I tried the "Read Out Loud" feature in Foxit Reader 6.2.3 to read the "Foxit PhantomPDF_GPO_manual.pdf" and it seemed that the pause at the end of every line is not very long. Is it possible to provide us a PDF file sample so I could test the PDF you tried on your side? (You may email it to [email protected])

                    BTW, I've forwarded your comments to Foxit internal bug tracking system for processing. Report ID#: 57396.


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                      I know this is 5 months later, but I'm having this problem as well with Phantom standard on the latest windows 8.1 OS. The Read Out Loud feature is crucial to my project, and the pauses after each printed line are long and makes the read-out text almost incomprehensible. Does anyone know what the current situation is regarding this?
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                        Hi guys,

                        I checked the Report ID#57396 and it has been assigned to corresponding engineer for further analyzing. I've sent out a reminder to the engineer to get an update. Thank you.


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                          Hi, I have/had the same problem with the text to speech 'read' function pausing at the end of each line.
                          I am using an up to date version.

                          For me the problem went away when the pitch and rate setting are altered, taking it off default.
                          The pitch and rate can be set again to the default values and the default box ticked.
                          After this change the problem pause no longer happens.
                          I'm not sure if the will help every one but i'm happy to say it works as it should for me now.


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                            Hope the following information may help your programmers (being a programmer myself)

                            I get different results from both my computers:
                            - Desktop: 64 bit - Windows 7 Home Premium Service pack 1
                            - Laptop: Asus G550JK - 64 bit - Windows 8.1

                            I have the same version of Phantom Pdf Standard ( running on both my windows 7 desktop and my Windows 8.1 Laptop, though the desktop version's trial has run out.

                            The read out loud function works on the windows 7 desktop and not on the windows 8.1 laptop (i.e. it pauses at the end of each line on the laptop).

                            Having opened the same pdf file on both systems I noticed the following:
                            1 - the error does not depend on the pdf file but on the system it is running on.
                            2 - It is not the edit > preferences > speech settings. The same settings on both systems still results in the same condition.
                            3 - If the line ends on a word that is split with a hyphen to continue on the next line, it doesn't pause on the laptop.
                            4 - I noticed the same problem with text to speech SW such as Balabolka. Looks like the problem may be related to changes in the Microsoft Speech API from SAPI4 to SAPI5?
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                              @3feet, Thanks for your sharing. I've forwarded your comments to Foxit Internal bug tracking system for processing. Report ID#: 57396.
                              @[email protected], Thank you as well for the info. May I encourage you to try with "3feet" solution mentioned and see if it helps? BTW, I've forwarded your discovery to QA team for testing reference as well. Report ID#: 57396.