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Foxit Reader fails to print text entered in IRS fillable forms

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  • Bug Foxit Reader fails to print text entered in IRS fillable forms

    I used Foxit Reader (the latest version available that I just downloaded) to fill out IRS income tax fillable forms. When printing the forms the text I filled in does not display in the printout. The text also does not display in the Preview image when printing.

    These forms that I filled in with Foxit Reader do print just fine using Adobe Reader X. Obviously it is very clumsy to fill in the forms with Foxit and then have to switch to Adobe to print.

    I'm running on Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1

    Is there a fix for this bug?
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    Hi CanidReader,

    Before printing, please go to 'File'->to check if it is 'Document and Annotations' selected in 'Print What'. Thank you.


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      That's it!!!

      On the right side of the Print dialog box just under the Properties button it says Print What:

      Under that is a button that was labeled Document. Clicking the button yields a drop down list with three options
      Document and Annotations

      I selected Document and Annotations and the filled-in form now prints correctly with all filled in data. The filled in data shows in the Preview image as soon as you click Document and Annotations.

      Thanks very much.