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Cannot save changes in editable sheet, even though my friend can using same version

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  • Bug Cannot save changes in editable sheet, even though my friend can using same version


    I apologize if this has come up before, but the forum is basically flooded with spam so I didn't care to browse 3 pages worth of "Buy cheap Karen Miller Dresses", listed cleverly as bugs.
    Anyway, I'm a big fan of Foxit reader. Best PDF program ever, except for the new layout that somehow ended up on my laptop... I think it may be the windows 7 layout. God I hate that.
    Back to subject at hand, I've been using foxit reader for years since one of my friends referred me to it, for the main reason that it allows you to save changes made in editable documents, and add your own bookmarks.

    Oh wait, just another side note first!
    There are still some functions I'm struggling with, such as, how to adjust the zoom level that the document automatically assumes when you open it, or click a bookmark, and if anyone who reads this happens to know how to do that, please, by all means! Leave an explanation here, despite it being off topic!

    Now back to the subject at hand for real this time!
    I mostly use it for role playing purposes, downloading free editable electronic sheets (sometimes even with in build fancy calculations so I don't have to do the math myself), and using those in lieu of paper.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, then disregard above and keep reading.

    The issue I came upon suddenly was something I had never experienced before. My friend sent me a sheet (an editable document with highlighted editable fields), and he was able to manipulate it and save his changes with no trouble. Using the same version of foxit reader as him, I was too, at first... But then a few days later, attempting to edit the sheet, everything I had just written disappeared from the text box, and foxit told me I might need an update. Everytime I attempt to get said update, foxit fails to establish a connection, but no worries! It gives me an URL to your download section, letting me know I can download "the update" manually.. But what update exactly? What add-on? What is it that it wants me to get, that I apparently had but somehow lost? I downloaded ALL of the add-ons, and my foxit was latest version. No luck though, nothing changed with the document. I'm unable to make any text appear in the boxes after writing it.

    I tried deleting the document and re-downloading it. That didn't work either. So I tried to have my friend send me a copy of his document. While I could read the changes HE had made, I was not able to make any changes myself.

    I'm still able to manipulate other editable documents I have, so this is a one-time case. This is the sheet in partiuclar if anyone wants to take a look at it.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can provide some insight.

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    Hi ST,

    Sorry for the spam threads. We're trying to eliminate them in time and will try to come up with a better way to prevent the flooding of spams.
    You can set preferred Page Display settings by going to'Edit'->'Preferences'->'Page Display'.
    For the mentioned save problem, could you please provide the following info?
    1) Version info of your Foxit Reader;
    2) A copy of the document in which the text disappear; (I met 'Internet Explorer cannot display the page' error when trying to lick on the given link.)
    3) A screenshot that showing how the document should be displayed.

    If it is inconvenient to upload here, please email them to [email protected]. Thank you.