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copying and pasting text from a PDF results in s p a c e s

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  • Bug copying and pasting text from a PDF results in s p a c e s


    I have a PDF where I have some text and when CTRL+ C and CTRL+V to notepad spaces are added, for example

    Example1 the PDF shows

    Checking the Backup Mode will now show that Backup Mode have been cleared

    copy and paste this text to notepad and it appears as

    Ch ecki n g t h e Backu p Mode wi l l n ow sh ow t h at Backu p Mode h av e been cl eared

    Example 2 the PDF shows
    USE sqldatabase
    the copied and pasted text shows
    U S E s q l d a t a b a s e

    Yet if I perform the same CTRL + C and CTRL + V from Adobe Reader the text does not have these "extra spaces"

    PDF version is 1.4
    PDF's were generated from Chrome and using the "save as PDF option"

    Has this been raised before ? is there a work around so I can get rid of Adobe Reader


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    I should add Foxit reader is


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      Hi pjester,

      Sorry for the delay. May I get a copy of the PDF document so I could test it in current Foxit Reader beta2 version and further proceed? Thank you.