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    I recently upgraded Adobe reader to version 10 on a terminal server, some users experienced problems printing. I've had Adobe 10 crashing now and then on some windows 7 machines and am generally getting sick of fixing it. Enter Foxit - having used it in the past ~v3x and with the enterprise version to squash all the crapware thought it might be a good time to give it another shot.

    Problem: users cannot open a pdf in IE7 Fox it is the enterprise version just downloaded yesterday 5.1x. It does not install the foxItReader OCX control. I would also like some guidance on configuring the settings for a custom install - setting a favorites toolbar and configuring all the items in preferences.

    I have always like this reader but it needs to function properly on Citrix/Terminal server.

    BTW- not sure what happened with the old forum but when I was prompted to answer a random question (third letter A-Z) I answered C but the new forum disagreed with me.

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    @jimw, if the OCX control does not install, Foxit Reader won't be able to display PDF in browser.

    Please refer to this thread for a customer install that supports:

    The old forums was down. What random question were you asked?
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      Thanks for the help on the terminal server install.

      The random question was - What is the 3rd letter A-Z, which I took to mean (What is the 3rd letter in the alphabet?) to which I answered C.


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        If Adobe reader crashed on a server it is going to be a mess. We had a similar kind of issue earlier and we had to re-install all the adobe versions to fix the issue. It was a severe headache for all the IT technicians. Hope your problem is fixed now.

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