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Can't copy from one pdf to another

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  • Feature Can't copy from one pdf to another

    Hi, this is my first time posting and I wish there was a prefix labeled "how do I?"

    Anyway, I am trying to copy from one pdf and paste it into another. (Both open w/ Foxit Reader)

    I use the snapshot tool to grab what I want from #A (it's a piece of handwritten text) and go back to #B but ctrl-V will not paste it. Since the snapshot tool carries over into #B I originally thought that was the problem, but when I switch to typewriter tool and try ctrl-V that doesn't work either. I then tried the "add image" function and that would not allow a paste either. I have opened the clipboard and manually tried to move it, cut and paste from there, and neither of those have worked.

    Any thoughts about how to accomplish this?

    Thanks so much.

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    It is no way to copy from one pdf to another directory with Foxit Reader, but you can use the snapshot tool to grab the text you need, then paste it into another program(ie, Word) and right click the image->save as it, then open the file you want to paste into with Foxit Reader, click Edit->Add image->choose the image you just saved, and drag it anywhere you want to place.