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How to set up a proxy server, such as updater, language download?

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  • Feedback How to set up a proxy server, such as updater, language download?

    how to set up a proxy server, such as updater, language download?
    I have not found it in the settings of the program (Tools -> Preferences...).

    It does not work automatically!


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    Some might say?

    I did not realize this forum about basketball??? ..or all moderators in deep sleep
    then - you calm night kids
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      Sorry for the inconvenience.We have taken some measures to prevent it, and i have delete them.
      Regarding your language download issue, may i know which language do you want to download?You can find it from below link
      After downloading it, please follow below steps to install it.
      1.Please create a new folder named 'lang' in the Foxit Reader install directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\lang" ).
      2.Please copy the saved language package to this lang folder.
      3.Please open Foxit Reader, go to "Tools"->"Preferences"->"Languages"-> Choose custom language and switch to your language.


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        Thank you, how to add language is clear...
        but I did not understand - is it possible to set the proxy for internet access (in settings foxit reader) or not?



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          Shurko, I believe that proxy detection and proxy settings are still unsupported by FoxIt Reader,
          and we're waiting for a new version to see that issue addressed.


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            I don't have Adobe Reader installed.

            That's what I did first time I posted but I did it again this morning and still does same thing.

            I've uninstalled Foxit Reader, downloaded and installed latest version, and made sure Firefox has Foxit Reader plugin enabled and selected for PDF....

            the plugin still crashes whenever the plugin tries to read PDF in browser.

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