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Selecting several PDF and choosing print, max limit 15?

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  • Doris Wang
    Thank you for your post.

    Selecting files in windows explorer and clicking 'print' (so far, Foxit Printer has not yet been used.), that is function of the operating system. Whatever the file format is(word, txt, pdf or others), when selecting files more than 15, the print option will disappear. If there is no Print option, none of the printer could be used. So actually this is a limitation of the operating system.

    If you want to create PDF files more than 15 at a time, we may suggest you to use Foxit Phantom to for creation. You can choose those files and right click to convert in Phantom.

    Best Regards,

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  • Selecting several PDF and choosing print, max limit 15?

    Hi, ive noticed Foxit Reader being alot faster for my tasks than adobe reader.

    The only problem ive met so far is when selecting more than 15 different PDF in a folder, then trying to right click and click print. The print option simply is gone. As soon as i only select 15, its back again.

    Is 15 a known limitation of how many different PDF you can print at the same time?
    Or is it possible to change it somehow in the application? In adobe reader i never had this problem so im hoping there is a workaround somehow?

    Thanks in advance!