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  • Typewriter text colour

    I use the typewriter in Foxit Reader, and the text comes out in blue. Is there a way to change that, say to black, that being the colour required by many organisations?

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    Dear 360823,

    To change the color of the texts you have already typed with typewriter tool,please do the following instructions:
    1) With the cursor set to Hand tool mode or Typewriter mode, double click anywhere on the text you have typed. This will produce both the typing box to appear around that text and, will also cause the “COMMENT FORMAT” tab to appear with its associated tools - including those for
    color and font change.
    2) To select texts: With left mouse button held down, drag the cursor over the text you
    want to select, and then release mouse button to complete/finalize the selection.
    3) If you have been successful so far in selecting the text for change, it will have become
    highlighted (that is, a blue background will have appeared around it).
    4) Now within the "COMMENT FORMAT" toolbar, simply click on the “A” that has the
    colored bar underneath it. (That bar always indicate the current typing color). Then simply click on a color you want.

    To change default color for typewriter tool in the PDF Reader,there are two ways to change it:
    1 Click on Comments->text markup->highlight, the COMMENT FORMAT menu will be activated.
    Within the “COMMENT FORMAT” toolbar, simply click colors in shape style or click the “A”-line color,and choose the color you want.
    2. Select any existing texts which are wrote by using typewriter tool in PDF file->right click the field you selected->click properties->click color and select the one you need.
    The selected color could only be used as default when you tick ‘set current properties as default’ in option 2.


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      Belatedly! Thank you!


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        I am using the MacOS version of Foxit reader. I can change the color of the text but only some colors are proposed and black is not among the choices.
        I didn't find any way to change the colors proposed when I click the “A”-line color.
        Is it possible to modify the color choices?


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          Sorry, now there are only 10 colors provided for changing in Foxit Reader for Mac, and I have suggested our team to add more colors for choosing,id:MACLNX-724

          In addition, the method provided by Lisa_Lee is for Foxit Reader for windows.
          In Foxit Reader for Mac, after you click on Typewriter, Callout, or Textbox tool, the icon A -Format will be enabled, you can select your color you want, then add text. Or select the text you add, select the icon you want from A -Format dialog box.


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            I know that this is resurrecting an old thread: I am doing it as OP though. Thing is none of the suggestions seemed or seem even now to work. Just now I have installed v. 7.3.4 and the user manual, and provided I had selected the correct pages, I have the same problem, because something mentioned is not to be seen.
            Hopefully someone can help me. Maybe initially by pointing me to the correct pages (numbers) in the manual.


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              Dear 360823,

              Thanks for your reply.Please help to install our most current version 8.3.2 of Foxit Reader by downloading it from the link below:
              And please help to refer to following article to know how to change font color of the typewriter:

              If there is still any problem,please write to [email protected] (Attn:Lisa),and indicate this thread link.


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                Hi everyone.
                I am using foxitreader version-4.2.0, but my problem is that when I open a pdf file in it, the font does not show with color. Opening the same pdf file in foxit reader version2.3 shows the font with it's actual color.
                What's the exact problem with it ?


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                  Dear bestia,

                  Do you use Foxit Reader for windows desktop? If so,please help to install our most current version 8.3.2 of Foxit Reader to see if it will shows the font with correct color?
                  Following is link for downloading Foxit Reader 8.3.2:
                  If it still doesn't make any difference,please send us the PDF file in question for testing purpose.
                  If it is inconvenience to upload the files here, you may email it to [email protected] (Attn:Lisa). And indicate this thread link. Thank you.


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                    Hi everyone,

                    I have the same problem with Foxit Reader for Ubuntu. Apparently there is non black font.
                    What should I do?

                    Thank you


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                      Sorry, Foxit Reader for Linux does not have the choice of black text color, I have forwarded your request to our team, they will consider it in future version.