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foxit firefox plugin doesn't remember 'activate' settings (until set directly)

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  • foxit firefox plugin doesn't remember 'activate' settings (until set directly)

    hi all

    Firstly thanks for making this app. Been using this happily on my android phone for some time. Didn't like the windows version because I found the toolbar set-up a bit chaotic (just don't like the office ribbon style, as I can't find stuff on it - this is a global dislike though of the ribbon design and nothing specific to foxit). However, moved to this because adobe reader DC simply produced errors when trying to open a particular PDF that foxit read perfectly. Well done!

    Anyway, found a minor problem with the foxit firefox plugin.

    Firefox has, I believe, plugins set as default to "ask to activate". When I chose "allow and remember" this did not occur. I had to go into plugins and configure directly to "always activate".

    Thinking about it, I don't know if this is a firefox bug or a foxit issue.

    Just wanted to flag it though.

    Also, have just noticed that for XDP and XFDF (don't even know these file extensions), the option is to just use foxit reader, whereas PPDF and FDF can use the plugin. Is this because the plugin doesn't support the former ones?

    foxit plugin
    foxit reader
    firefox 41.0.1
    win 7 64 bit home premium



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    Actually the "Allow and Remember" was meant to remember this setting for just this PDF document you were trying to view. For all PDF documents, you may need to directly set the plugin "Always Activate".
    PPDF documents are PDF documents encrypted by RMS protector and FDF is an exported comments document format. We do have plugins to open PPDF documents and FDF documents, so they use the plugin.
    XDP is XML Data Package, XFDF is XML Forms Data Format. Currently we don't provide plugins for XDP and XFDF so they may be set to use Foxit Reader.


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      cherry just wanted to thank you for the response. Yes I realise it's simply ages ago - shows how much I use the forums!

      PS just logged in to post about what foxit reckon they can do about firefox blocking / disabling NPAPI plugins and saw notifications about this thread, hence the late reply


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        gazzawazza ,I am sorry that Firefox has already withdrawn NPAPI support.So now there is still no way to open online PDF file with Foxit plugin within firefox browser.
        You may choose to use IE web browser to open online PDF file by using our Foxit plugin.