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What happened to the small, fast and easy to use viewer?

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    I would like to have the old version back as well. All I want is to read the files - no more. This current version is simply to overloaded with stuff I don't need. Please, do you have a link, where I can download the old version?
    Otherwise I am forced to look for another slim reader.

    After a laborious search I found this website, where the old reader is available. It would be far better of course, for safety reasons, if the old version could be downloaded from foxit directly.
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      Hi MalcolmC,

      Could you please kindly make a screenshot of the mentioned 'Previous View' and indicate if there is any error when you try to use it? Please let us know.


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        I think this is really easy to do with the latest version now:
        File>Preferences> somewhere in there you can switch between Ribbon View and Classic View. Select Classic View and restart
        Press F4 if you want, to show/hide page pane on left.


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          For older versions of FoxIt go to . I have used FileHippo for years and love the option of downloading older versions of utilities that work better for me. FWIW I mostly like the new version of FoxIt, though the 'ribbon menu' is an acquired taste that still gags me a bit. At least you have the option to use the classic menu and MSFT didn't give you that option.


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            First, sorry for my english, i'm belgian and i speak french, so i'll do my best.
            I'm agree with people here in this thread, foxit reader is now really different from what it was, i can't do anything without searching three minutes on the net to find the right way. It was so perfect before, light, simple, intuitive. Now the menus are unreadables. A lot of others applications follows this weird path and become unuseful, i don't understand why. Maybe to be competitive, and to try to attract more people? I think it's not the right way. Personally, i have to stop using foxit reader from now and i think a lot of people will do the same. It's really not usable in this form.
            Sorry to speak like that, but it's annoying to see an application becoming like this one.
            Anyway, thank you for the old version, it was a good program, and good luck for the future, maybe i'm wrong and the only one to think like that!


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              Dear Foxit and dear users,
              this letter to say thank you for many years of happy use of your amazing tool. This morning I took the difficult decision to say goodbye to the dear foxit and to pass to another tool which is in fact the foxit I remembered from the old happy times.

              I have found in this thread the same problems that other say. In particular I use a lot underlining and highlighting and they are not drawing continuous colors anymore but break up the single words. Also the scrolling with the arrow keys does not work well and the saving sometimes get stuck. I tell you I tried my best, reverting the interface to the classic one ... but it is just too much.

              I have just installed and it is exactly how foxit looked like in the beginning. It will always remain a mystery to me why thriving software companies manage to ruin their tools. I suppose when things get successful power struggles start in the management and personal prestige and interests take over on the quality and sensibility of the products. It is is just a guess though, to express my puzzlement.

              I really hope you will manage to get back to the popularity you had and again all my gratitude for the amazing generosity you granted to me in these years.

              All my love



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                Hi Mssimo,

                Regarding "I use a lot underlining and highlighting and they are not drawing continuous colors anymore but break up the single words", I think it may only happen to particular files, if possible, please provide one PDF file sample for testing purpose; Also in Foxit Reader, you may go under "Comment"->use "Area Highlight Tool" as a workaround solution;

                "Also the scrolling with the arrow keys does not work well and the saving sometimes get stuck."
                The arrow keys scrolling should work fine. Could you please send more details about how to replicate the problem and also more details about the saving problem?

                Thank you.


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                  Sadly, as of yesterday I became another ex-Foxit user.

                  It's clear Foxit's business model is not compatible with the preference of early users. As with many initially free providers, we're seeing the usual 'feature creep' described as improvements. I too used to use Foxit as a lightweight pdf reader but have come to regard it as bloatware, packing in cloud services, trial software etc. that (a) I don't want and (b) offer potential security tunnels.

                  After some research, I found the perfect replacement. Old Foxit users might want to take note of my username (apologies to the mods), to find a lighter and more secure option.


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                    Originally posted by clemo View Post
                    When I started using Foxit Reader (10 years ago maybe?) it was exactly what I needed, a small and fast PDF viewer and it quickly became part of the tools that I installed by default on any PC I had to work with. But over time, with every update ("evolution"), Foxit Reader got worse.
                    I created an account just to agree with this. once upon a time foxit used to be light, fast, efficient. now? it has become a bloated monster! I think originally it used to be maybe 15mb in file size, today it is 155mb!! thats crazy. of course they stuffed everything and the kitchen sink into it now. but guess what? some of us just want something simple, fast and efficient. some of us don't want all that extra bloated junk included with it now.


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                      Hi Clo4,

                      Sorry. With introducing more features, the size for the new version installation file will be enlarged, I've forwarded your comments to Reader PM team for processing. Feedback ID#: PMWQ-468.

                      In addition, the size for Foxit Reader English version 7.2.2 should be 37.2MB, do you download it from our website? Do you download Enterprise Reader?


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                        How can you say on your web site that Foxit Reader is "Small, fast, and feature-rich", when the download for the current version ( is 41.05MB in size! The previous post about 155MB in size, he was referring to the installed size after decompression. That's horrible. Turbotax 2015 might not take that much space.
                        To be fair Adobe Reader DC is 80.6MB in size, but you are about the size of what Adobe Reader was just a few years ago. Adobe Reader DC's installed size may be 300MB+.
                        Foxit reader version 2.2 is only about a 5MB installer file.
                        Oh, and the current version of Sumatra PDF reader is a 5MB installer.

                        You might want to consider making a 'light' version of your software. Really. I just want a hammer with an astable multivibrator internal circuit, that's all.
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                          danwat1234 ,we have already forwarded your request"Make a light version with smaller size" to our product marketing team for their reference.Suggestion ID: PMWQ-468.


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                            try old version