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    Lyndi--Please add yet another (former) Foxit Reader user to the growing list of those upset with the need to click on different tabs on a "Toolbar" rather than the simplistic "Classic" toolbar. You notice that Acrobat Reader DC with all it's faults has a simple one line toolbar...I've switched to that for the past couple of months. Maybe I will revert back to Foxit Reader 7.2 and see if you folks can get the message on your next iteration. Thanks and please consider those of us who have used Foxit for years!


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      I suffered a major head injury nearly 20 years ago courtesy of a driver who decided her time was more valuable than my life, wiping out most of my past memories and making it difficult to record new ones. It also made me less able to interpret symbols than I used to be (which, for an engineering student with a minor in drafting, really, really sucked).

      Taken together, that means I can only retain the meanings of a fairly limited number of icons. One of the things I like about OpenOffice and Opera 12 is that I can freely customize their toolbars, thus only being presented with icons I can remeber and for functions I use frequently. Everything else can be gotten at fairly quickly via keyboard or mouse navigation of their menus because they are so logically laid out, and because they are vertical text links, which are by far the easiest for me to use.

      That leads me to the other problem I have with icons. The other major side effect of the crash is constant pain in my upper back, sometimes spreading down both my back and arms. I can help minimize that by carefully balancing keyboard and mouse usage. As you can imagine, having to click through a ribbon multiple times just to find the icon I need to click on is frustrating in the extreme.

      As you can see, for multiple reasons ribbon UIs are pretty much the worst possible option for me and others who share my particular disabilities. Refusing to give us a way to adapt the software to our needs means you lose us as even potential customers.

      Now you can probably imagine my terror when I installed Windows 10 and discovered that Explorer now had a ribbon UI, but I was happy to discover how easy it was to fix. That said, I shouldn't have to resort to hacks to get what should be basic accessibility options.

      A while back Foxit suddenly started sucking up memory like Chrome and Firefox always have, so I had long ago switched to Sumatra as my day to day PDF reader, but the same minimalism that leads to such a small system imprint also means it's missing some features I use regularly (like editing bookmarks). Also, for some reason margins always get screwed up when printing from Sumatra, so I still used Foxit fairly frequently. Now that it is no longer able to accommodate my needs, I have to resort to PDF-XChange Editor, which is way more than I need for those occasions, which is why I previously only used it to actually create PDFs of my own. In a way, I guess I can thank you for simplifying my life – now I only use two PDF readers instead of three, and as a bonus freed up some badly-needed drive space by removing Foxit.


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        Originally posted by richell_huang View Post
        The classic mode may be phased out in the future considering more and more people get used to the Ribbon mode. May I know what the chief obstacle is for you to swtich to the Ribbon mode? Thank you.
        You have your priorities backwards as a software developer if you think you can decide what features the customer does or doesn't want, rather than letting them make that choice. Seven pages of complaints of the change Foxit Reader has made is more than enough to tell you that you made a huge error in judgement.

        The Ribbon UI is cancerous, there is no "getting used" to it, or even liking it. It's a huge mishmash of icons all crunched together and everything is spread about several pages of icons. It's also a big space waster, the average Ribbon UI takes up 4-5x the vertical space of a file menu.

        This is in stark contrast to the classic file menu where everything is organized per menu and easy to find. The reason the file menu has survived so long as a UI element is because it works and nothing can replace it that's anywhere near sensible.

        Now that I'm done ranting, I'm here to say that you've lost another customer. This is to do with the removal of the Classic UI, and a bit more to do with Foxit thinking they can force changes on customers how they see fit.
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          I'd also love to see the Classic Toolbar Option back
          I know beggars can't be choosers and I don't much
          contribute to anyone's pay check at Foxit
          and that Freemium is a really tough business
          but Please Please Please


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            I found an alternative to FR and it's actually better!!

            You can get it here:


            It's free and open-source. It remembers your last-opened files by default. It's intuitive; all the usual keyboard shortcuts work and there's more useful shortcuts as well. It looks pretty much like FR but you actually get one more line because they turn off the titlebar by default. The menu is hidden but opens with alt or click on the hamburg and it's nice to use.

            There's NO MENTION of a RIBBON!! Actually the changes indicate support for an older processor was RE-ADDED so it sounds like they pay attention to their users.

            It opens lightning fast; with my 9 never-close tabs, it opens to usable in half a second; FR takes 2.5. I have an SSD so your times may be longer but should still be 5 times faster.

            Try it; you'll like it.

            Now let's see if this post stays visible!! ;-)


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              Hey, ex-user, Great Find. Sumatra pdf reader is already looking like a keeper for me. Still in early testing phase and haven't uninstalled Foxit yet, but I've set Sumatra to default for now. I dragged and dropped my 20+ never-closed files and then restarted Sumatra and they were still there without ever setting preferences. Scrolled and resized text and ctrl-tabbed through files and it is really slick to use. Feels lightweight too. ps - i got a ssd too and I didn't time it but it seemed under a second to get going.

              I was just about to go googling myself - thanks again for finding this

              For saying this ^^^^ I can no longer make new posts!! Ha Ha ;-)
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                Hey guys, I've updated the comments to PM team as feedback ID#PHANTOM-5994. Thank you.


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                  Final test.


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                    Cherry - you guys are like the government: you say you are listening to us, but there's no action and not even any rumor of a response. No wonder your users are beginning to jump ship.


                    • [QUOTE=richell_huang;n152053]Sorry to say that classic toolbar is no longer available in latest version. Maintaining two toolbar modes always require more human resources and workload. The classic mode may be phased out in the future considering more and more people get used to the Ribbon mode. May I know what the chief obstacle is for you to swtich to the Ribbon mode? Thank you.[/QUOTE

                      it's new experience that creates confusion expecially toward heavy Foxit users that rely on its traditional UI. Please keep your program reliable, let don't change it in that way. It's frustrating and disappointing.



                      • This morning, when i open my PC i find Foxit updated to new version. This happens on 2 different PC's, my PC and other of a colleague. (one with W7 and one with XP)
                        I disabled every update on every PC's because we don't like latest versions. I wrote we don't like ribbon UI, why Foxit FORCE users to updating their PC's???
                        This morning my second work (the first is write this post of complaint) is downgrade 2 PC's, install our favorite 5.0.2 and re-organize favourite toolbar.
                        This is the last time i will do this work. Next time Foxit force updates i will change software and delete at all. I don't accept a software house can "enter" in my PC and change settings of my PC without my permission. This behaviour happens only with this version 7.3, in the past never happens.
                        Many thanks in advance.


                        • Seven pages of comments and still nothing in response from the "PM Team". What is wrong with people these days?
                          Maybe it's my age, but I remember a time when software designers were happy to have a conversation with their user community.
                          Now we ask questions that are never answered and make comments that are never replied to. Is that too much to ask for?


                          • is much better and may be the last one with the classic toolbar. Remember to turn off all updates, though. Check 'get rid of the ribbon' on Google for removing the ribbon in other programs. We just have to hope for a change of heart or some other helpful software company to write the necessary code.


                            • Foxit Reader

                              Version is out. Still lacks an option for the classic toolbar.
                              Still insists on connecting to the internet even when the updater is turned off.
                              Side note: Where is my previous post? Am I being censored or what?


                              • Check out Sumatra free and open-source pdf reader. Best alternative I've seen. YMMV.