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comment tools not remaining selected after use

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  • bgaugler
    Thank goodness for the internet and specifically this forum. I, too, thought there was a problem and I completely overlooked the "Keep Tool Selected" checkbox. Thanks, cherry.

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  • cherry
    Gwystyl Brightheart

    Please go under "Comment"->check "Keep Tool Selected" then try again. Thank you.

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  • Gwystyl Brightheart
    So upon further testing, it turns out this may be a specific flaw in the area highlight and text box. Testing the typewriter, rectangle, oval, arrow, line, polyline, and pencil they all function properly. But using the area highlight and text box tools revert back to the hand as soon as you let go with the mouse button.

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  • comment tools not remaining selected after use

    This new version ( reverts back to the hand tool after every time that I use a comment tool, for instance the Area Highlight, the previous version had a proper behaving or remaining selected with that tool so it can be used several times. The current version doesn't do that, it reverts back to having the hand tool selected after highlighting anything. This means that I have to go select the area highlight tool for EVERY time I want to highlight something, which is not only supremely annoying, but frustrating and wasting time and effort. How do we get it so that when using the tools built into the program they function properly?