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Doesn't reopen(save) current page

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  • Doesn't reopen(save) current page

    My problem is that, it doesn't reopen page where I was on. In other words every time I open pdf it starts with first page.

    I've been using Foxit for over the year and never had problem like this.

    OS: Windows 8, 64bit

    I tried reinstalling it but that did not resolve my problem after that I installed older version and problem got solved

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    Hi Hoome,

    Could you please kindly let us know if it happen to any PDF document or just certain ones? If possible, please provide a PDF file sample for internal test only. Thank you.

    If it is inconvenient to upload the file here, please email it to [email protected].


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      It happens to every PDF document.


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        Hi Hoome,

        Please go to 'File'->'Preferences'->'History'->make sure 'Restore last view settings when reopening' is ticked. If it is ticked, then it still happens to any PDF document, please send us a copy of the PDF document for test only. Thank you.


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          I typically open several PDF files, and one thing that I noticed is that Foxit Reader does remember the page I was reading and the zoom level for certain PDF files. But for certain other files, they always show up at the start of the file with "Fit Page" zoom level. Very annoying.


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            I'd been facing the same problem. I've set the zoom level to 200%, checked the forbid the changes and checked the last view & session restore. However, when I reopen any file, it will get opened at 200% zoom and within a fraction of a second, the zoom gets reset to some 112.95%. Very annoying..


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              Not sure if this is exactly the same symptom, but when attempting to "save as", the page that was open is replaced by the Save As title page making it difficult to review the page prior to saving it.