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Horizontal scrolling not working with Foxit

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  • Horizontal scrolling not working with Foxit

    I have a Asus UX305 laptop and I use Firefox, Thunderbird and Foxit Reader on this laptop. When I use the Touchpad I can scroll vertically and horizontally with the 2 finger gesture under Firefox and Thunderbird, but not under Foxit Reader. Under Foxit Reader I am only able to scroll vertically with the 2 finger gesture. The horizontal scrolling is not working. I tried (under preferences) to discover any possible setting to enable horizontal scrolling, but I found none.
    What should I do to enable horizontal scrolling? I am using the portable version ( of Foxit Reader (version

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    Please remove your existing Foxit Reader then download a new setup of Foxit Reader then update to it and see if the update helps. If not, please make a small video that shows how the horizontal scrolling works in Firefox and Thunberbird and how it is working in Foxit Reader so we could know the issue intuitively. Thank you.


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      Hello cherry,
      Thanks for your reply.

      Unfortunately your message translates into putting me in a position of "having to prove to you (with a film) that the behavior I have detected is true, i.e. I am not just faking things". Probably you would require a real external film camera showing simultaneously the screen and the gestures on the touchscreen, otherwise you would think that I could be faking it. And possibly that would not be enough for you, because you could allways think that I could possibly be "photoshopping it'. Thus, what you are saying is "I don't believe you", go prove it! Not a very kind way of supporting Foxit Reader, I would say.

      In any case, I discovered today that if I press the left-key "mouse" button of the touchscreen (and keep it pressed) with the left index finger of one hand and use 2 fingers of the other hand to scroll horizontally, I get the horizontal scrolling I need. A bit clumsy I would say, if compared with the simple horizontal scrolling with 2 fingers (without the need to press the left "mouse" touchpad button and keep it pressed simultaneously) under Firefox or Thunderbird.

      Thus for the other possible Foxit Reader user's having this problem, they can at least get my support with the above described clumsy workaround.

      Have a nice day!


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        Hi Migoli,

        I apologize for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you. Actually, we do not have Asus UX305 laptop withTouchpad on our side, so we hope to get a video to show the issue with your help, then we can better forward the issue to our team for further investigation.Sorry again, and thank you for your understanding.

        Please let me know if you still get the issue after upgrade to the latest version 7.3, and your system info, like win7 32-bit,I will report the issue to our QA team. Thank you in advance.


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          Confirming horizontal scrolling does not work in Foxit reader when using the trackpoint or touchpad on a Thinkpad P50 laptop. It works fine in Chrome, Word, and even Adobe Reader.


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            Is it possible to use your phone to record the problem so we could escalate the issue to QA and Dev engineer for taking a closer look at? Also, could you please open your Foxit Reader->go to "Help"->"About Foxit Reader" to check if the version number is version 9.4.1 or not? If not, please update to it and give it a try again.

            Thank you.


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              I created this account to report this exact "bug". I've wondered for months why such a tiny feature isn't implemented yet in decades old software, just to find out today, from this thread, that it is a bug. I'll attach some details below.

              Laptop: Dell XPS 15 9560
              OS: Windows 10 Home 17763.316
              Foxit Reader Version

              My touch pad works perfectly, I use W10 gestures all the time, 3 finger tap, 3 finger swipe, even 4 finger tap/swipe. Any direction scrolling works with 2 finger swipe for eg., in OneNote. Suggest any advice or troubleshooting tips, other than uninstall/update/reinstall, which I've done many times.



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                sorry for the trouble. I have reported the issue to our team for further investigation, any updates, I will keep you informed. Report ID:QCphantom-6056.


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                  Are there any updates/fix on this issue?


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                    E E

                    Do you get the same issue? May I know which version of Foxit Reader you use and computer info, including its system and type as the below?

                    Laptop: Dell XPS 15 9560
                    OS: Windows 10 Home 17763.316
                    Foxit Reader Version 10


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                      HP Envy x360
                      windows 10
                      Foxit v


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                        E E

                        Your case has been submitted to our Dev team, they will fix it in future version, any updates, we will keep you posted. ID: QCPHANTOM-6056.


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                          Hello; since so many months this issue is still present.
                          Surface Go


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                            Sorry for it, I have sent a reminder to corresponding person, hope it will be taken care soon.
                            Any update, we will let you know, thank you.


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                              Hello all, Our Dev team has already compiled a new Foxit Reader main program which should have fixed the issue you reported in this thread "No horizontal scroll on precision touchpad" (report ID#QCPHANTOM-6056) .If you want to give this internal version a try,please help to write to [email protected] (Attn,Lisa) and please also indicate this thread link when you email to us.
                              In addition,we will apply the fix in our next major release version 11 of Foxit Reader.