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Extend Length of Time Files Stay in Recent Files List

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  • Extend Length of Time Files Stay in Recent Files List

    Files I have recently opened only seem to stay for 1 day in the Recent Files List in Reader v6. How can I extend the length of time files stay on this Recent Files List please?


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    Hi RobH,

    The recent Files List will stay until you open new files. There's no way to extend the length of time files stay on Recent Files List. If you don't open new files, then the list will be kept.


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      Thank you for your reply.

      Well, I have just opened Foxit Reader for the first time today after opening 3 pdf files yesterday. There are no files in the Recent Files List even though I have specified a maximum of 10 in Preferences.

      Why don't you keep a list of Recently Opened Files in the list until it fills up to the maximum number of documents in the list you specify in the History Preferences and then replace the oldest by the newly opened files? Then I can go back and re-open recently viewed files easily.

      Just about every other application dealing with documents or files provides this facility.

      Thanks, Rob

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        Hi RobH,

        First please make sure that every time you exit Foxit Reader normally. Then open your Foxit Reader->go to 'File'->'Preferences'->'History'->to check if you've ticked the option "Restore last view settings when reopening". Will the Recent Files List be kept after you exit Reader? Did you switch the user account or delete the registry settings?

        Please let us know.