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Rename or delete an opened .pdf file

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  • Feature Rename or delete an opened .pdf file

    Sumatra PDF has this rename opened .pdf feature that is accessed by pressing F2.

    This feature is very useful for people who organize and store their .pdf files.

    For instance, this feature is handy when reading scientific papers and articles.

    Here’s a short scenario of my typical usage:

    I read a lot of pdf papers, 3-5 pages each, after opening it and reading the abstract I have to decide whether to keep it organized or delete it. Usually for one conference, people like me have to do this for 1000+ papers. The new file name will be related to the author and title, but the original file name is a semi random one like "THP03.pdf".
    In order to rename the file, I have to remember the keyword in title and author name then close it in order to rename this opened file.

    It would be really great if Foxit Reader would have some “pdf file manager” features, like renaming and deleting opened .pdf files.

    Thank you.

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    Dear Odd Ramos,

    Thanks for your feedback about this feature in Sumatra PDF. I have submitted this request"Rename or delete an opened .pdf file like what Sumatra PDF could do"to our internal feature system for our product marketing team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-6131.
    So that it may be considered in future versions.


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      Me too. This would be a necessary feature for us. So many documents, scanned or downloaded, have random file names and the process of renaming them is bad. Either you have to remember the name, or you have to 'save as' and then you have multiple files. Either case is not efficient.


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        gregjohnsondsm Thank you for the post. Have your comment included in our feature tracking system for evaluation.