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Highlighting PDF version of textbook for class...need help compiling it into Word doc

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  • Highlighting PDF version of textbook for class...need help compiling it into Word doc

    Hey guys I typically highlight a PDF version of a textbook I have for my Masters in Finance program. What I wanted to know was is there a simple watch to batch copy and paste all my highlights into a word document? What is the simplest way of doing this over 10 chapters?

    So I want to take me highlighted text, using the highlight text tool under COMMENT and paste all those highlights into a word document, preferably as text (it doesn't require being OCR'd-it came that way)

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    Hi Manimgoindowndown,

    Currently Foxit Reader only supports the location of the highlight texts without the original text. In this case, you may have to manually copy and paste all the highlights to Word.

    BTW, I've forwarded your requests as suggestion to Reader PM team so we may add "Export highlighted text to txt or PDF" feature in future versions. Suggestion ID#: READER-862.

    Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.


    • ccanestro
      ccanestro commented
      Editing a comment
      I agree with Manimgoindowndown on the need of a better tool to summarize the highlights. Another alternative or addition to the export function could be when you summarize the document and select the comments only option, then make the Highlight working just like the notes and show the text, without having to copy it first on a note. Also make the Author, date and change history optional. The mos common use of highlighting this way would just have a summary of the text and the dates are not really needed for things like school works o just shortening a 97 pages document
      Thank in advance and great job on doing a reader that not even Adobe was able to do.

      Best regards