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PDF print to PCL causes a wrong printout

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  • Bug PDF print to PCL causes a wrong printout

    Hi Foxit Support,

    we are using the Foxit reader in conjunction with our product to convert a PDF file to a PDL (Postscript / PCL...).
    One of our customers reported a problem that when converting a specific document via Foxit Reader to the PDL "PCL" the document will not be displayed correctly.

    We are able to reproduce the problem with just using Foxit and without using our product by a simple direct print to a printer.

    When we use a postscript driver then the results looks perfectly fine.
    When we use a PCL driver then the printout is shifted. We have tried different PCL drivers and get the same result with all of them.
    When we use e.g. Adobe Reader and print to the same configured spooler the outcome is correct.

    We also tried options like "Print as Image", but still a bad outcome.
    I am not allowed to attach the original PDF or screenshots of the outcome to this post, but if you let me know an email address I could send it over to you.

    Thanks and best regards,

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    Hi Matthias,

    Sorry for the delay. Please email corresponding info and documents to [email protected] at your convenience. Thank you.