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That was pure evil - stop doing it!

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  • That was pure evil - stop doing it!

    A week or two back I installed Foxit Reader. It's quite nice, as long as you take care to avoid the parasiteware and don't mind the quirky GUI skinning

    Now, I just had an invitation to update my Foxit reader. Fine. I like to keep up my applications up to date. It's supposed to be a good way of keeping malware and other unwanted nastiness out, so I click on the update.

    I should have smelled a rat when the "Update" took forever and a day to install but, there again, the original Foxit download took ages, so I wan't overly worried.

    The next thing I know, I am welcomed to Google Chrome.


    At absolutely no time in the update process was there any mention that the update was anything other than a Foxit update. There was nothing, absolutely nothing about malware*

    Stuff that.

    Please confirm my answers these questions:

    What has Chrome got to do with Foxit? Is it somehow necessary for the unctioning of the application? I suspect it is utterly unecessary.

    Why bundle Chrome with Foxit in the first place? I suspect you get a kickback each time it is installed, that adds to the revenue you get from selling PDF tools that complement the reader

    Why pre-tick the Chrome installation? I suspect you a) don't actually give a rat's arse about the likely preferences of your punters and b) seek to maximise the revenue you get from Google, irrespective of the stench

    Why distribute Chrome as an unannounced, unwanted and utterly irrelevant bundle with the Foxit updater? I can't for the life of me think of any sane answer, save that you really represent the pits.

    OK, so I have uninstalled Chrome. All I have to do is sort out an alternative to Foxit and I am away.l.

    *Yes. Foxit HAS become malware. Anything that tries to perform an unwanted executive action on my property, and which is set to do so by default, is malware. Pure and simple evil malware.

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    Alright, this same thing just happend to me after updating Foxit Reader, and asi I'm sitting here wtiting this post, you can realize I'm very offended by this mister FOXIT.

    I was using your pdf reader for some time - it was easy, simple, user-friendly and free. Today it offered an update, and I'm 100% sure there was no option "do you want to install this or that?", there was no sign, no warning that any additional software will be installed on my computer with this update. Just update. But after update Google thanks me for installing Chrome. With the feeling of bleeding eyes i asked myself the same question - WTF??? And what not, as if that wasn't enough - it even set itself as default browser !!!

    Both chrome and foxit reader were uninstalled, and by this invasive behavior your software has became malware, which means none of your programs will ever meet my computer again. Plus, I will definitely spread my word.

    Goodbye Foxit, and I feel really sorry for you for letting that google disease corrupt everything what you've built, with your name in the first place.
    I hope you've made enough money out of this. Because who needs users, if they can so easily be sold for cash ?

    I'm gonna look for an alternative, too. Bye.


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      I'm not going to uninstall just yet, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now that this was unintended but this certainly does place me on the fence about moving forward with Foxit. To offer a tag-a-long software installation is one thing, I can even live with the auto opt in check box (we're all used to it by now) but to slip something in during a "security" update and then have it take over as a default application? I understand this is a "free" app but I concur that this is unacceptable.


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        i've been using foxit reader for years so i had no reason to suspect you would do something shady when i updated foxit. but after i used the updater to automatically update foxit reader i noticed a google folder in 'C:\Program Files (x86)' then all of a sudden chrome popped up. are you kidding me? there was no option to not install chrome. after this stunt how can i trust it wont be something malicious next time? to say i'm pissed off at foxit would be an understatement. i now regret installing foxit on a bunch of friends and family's computers.

        the day i install anything from google the king of internet ads and data collection will be the day i stop using computers. i'm sure google would like to know you are installing their browser without the users permission. i'm guessing you are also charging them for each install. i haven't decided if i'm going to uninstall foxit and use firefox to view pdf's or install all future updates in a sandbox or VM first to verify what you're actually installing on my computer.


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          Same here, I entered a ticket yesterday : "Your ticket has been assigned an ID of [Foxit #179249]"

          Neither do I want any Google-stuff on my computer, but even if I would want it, I want to be able to decide when/how/where it should be installed.
          Not this way !
          This time I only un-installed Google Chrome, but would like to know if there are any left-overs or other stuff installed we are not aware of.

          I wonder if I'll get an answer on my ticket.

          If this happens again with the next update, it's bye bye Foxit Reader !


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            Had a reply from "Lisa"

            We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.Regarding the problem that Google Chrome was installed without permission. We have removed this auto update for now. In the future there will be an option which asks user that want to install Google Chrome or not.
            OK. I'll hold off uninstalling the Reader for now but listen up Foxit: You will be judged by your actions, rather than by what you say..

            I will wait to see if the "option" is yet another bloody presumptious popup with its selection pre-ticked, like those scum at Adobe do as they try to infect you with McAfee with their updates. [Which is one reason I switched to Foxit in the first place >8-( ]

            Would it not be nicer - far nicer - to let Chrome be distributed on its own merit, rather than bundle an utterly irrelevant and unnecessary application with Foxit's product - or isn't Chrome good enough to stand on its own?

            If you insist on pushing Chrome as an option, I hope will truly be an option i.e., Opt-IN, rather than making the offensive presumption that I am prepared to let you interfere with my property and pre-ticking the "install crapware" box.
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              I had finished testing the software and was about to roll it out to 500 users. Glad to have seen this post.

              Note, we were looking to alternative to Acrobat for this very reason. Their software worked, but it was to hard to install and support without the unwanted malware installs.

              You have the opportunity to become the PDF standard.

              I wouldn't mess that up by dealing with Socialist Google.

              I will keep an eye on this thread for response and confirmation from other that the problem is gone, before ever deploying any of your software.


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                Not every "update"is right for U


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                  For Silent installation of through command-line is there any switches that would skip from installing Google Chrome. I raised a support ticket reg this but no reply from Foxit.


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                    Further reply from Foxit:

                    Sorry you have a bad experience. This problem "Google Chrome installing automatically with 6.0.5 In-program updater" has been acknowledged by us and the auto-updater has been turned off since the issue is known by our developers.

                    Google chrome would be an optional option in the in-program updater and installer for user to choose or decline it in our future release of Foxit Reader.

                    Lisa doesn't say whether Foxit will make this a genuine option or whether it will take the offensive step of presuming I want crapware and pre-tick the "please infect me with crapware" selection box.

                    As I have pointed out before: Foxit will be judged by its actions, not its words.


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                      if you download the full installer it has a checkbox option thats checked by default to opt-out of installing chrome. the way i see it foxit has 2 choices either you keep doing auto updates the way you have been without chrome (i like this option) or just download the regular installer and run it. there is a 3rd option of not bundling any 3rd party software but i know that won't happen. they also need to allow a cmd line parameter to not offer chrome. i also don't think you should be offered chrome every single update. i know there is a registry setting for other programs that puts the date you were last asked to install chrome and the installer will only offer you chrome if X amount of time has passed from that date. i understand they need to make money to support the free foxit reader but that shouldn't be at the expense of the users or you won't have many users. also is it that hard to have a mod ban the users posting spam and then delete the threads/posts? or is foxit the one posting the spam links to try to monetize the forums?

                      i'm not sure if the thread title refers to googles motto of "Don't be evil" but either way its pretty funny. i guess google paying other companies to install chrome as the default browser on your computer is the reason why chrome is now the most used browser. it does make me wonder whats in it for google. why do they want you to use their browser so bad that they are willing to pay money to trick users into installing and using it? so they can make sure there isn't API's for adblock to work like it does on firefox so they can continue serving ads? so they can get you to use google search and other google services so they can serve you more ads? so they can collect data on all your surfing habits? this is the same company that will read all your gmail emails so they can serve you more relevant ads. whatever their reasons are i'm guessing they don't have the users best interests in mind and i'll pass.

                      the ms scroogle commercials are classic.
                      One browser for your laptop, phone and tablet. When you use Chrome across all of your devices, your web gets better, everywhere. Find out more at http://goog...

                      Microsoft Internal Google Chrome Bouncing Ball Now Everywhere Parody. Here is the link for original Google Chrome Video -
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                        Thanks for all your inputs and Sorry for the inconvenience this update caused. All your comments have been forwarded and our Reader PM team is working on this.


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                          Originally posted by cherry
                          Thanks for all your inputs and Sorry for the inconvenience this update caused. All your comments have been forwarded and our Reader PM team is working on this.
                          Sorry is as sorry does.

                          Hopefully this will include:
                          • Installation of parasiteware will be a true opt-IN
                          • Parasiteware will NOT be distributed at all with updates


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                            Hi fgladys,

                            When we released Foxit Reader 6.0.5, it contained a defect which caused software that you did not approve to be installed on your system. We apologize for any inconvenience this defect caused. We're trying to fix it in in-program updater and will take steps to ensure it does not happen again in the future.

                            Thank you for your patience.