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  • Bug Conflicts?

    I run a PC with Vista Home on a Toshiba laptop with 1 gig ram. I pulled the Adobe reader out and installed Foxit but am having a few minor problems.

    When I open a PDF, it takes over 30 seconds for it to get running. Then, once it does get going it works great but I get a message that the system resources are low. Even after I close Foxit, the low resources message stays until I restart or click on another program

    I did some quick checking elsewhere and was told that there are a few other programs that conflict with the reader.

    Is that true or just some guy spouting off? I really don't want to install that bloated Adobe reader again.



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    I am afraid it is not caused by Foxit Reader, please read below link for reference to fix it.

    The issue of Low System Resources is a common problem with PC's I get in for repair. The problem usually begins with error messages appearing on-screen saying, your system is low on resources or virtual memory. It all sounds quite technical, I even know of people who thought it was a major disaster and bought a new computer. That certainly got rid of the problem, but the solution need not be that extreme and can be fixed relatively easily and for a lot less than the price of a new computer.


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      While I appreciate the fact that I have a small amount of ram, this never happened with Adobe. Is there a known conflict with any software?


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        Sorry ,it is complicated with various software .we will improve Foxit Reader in CPU usage .