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Why do you have to click on the oval tool every time??!

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  • Why do you have to click on the oval tool every time??!

    Many people have been complaining about the new version, and I agree with most of them, but honestly some of the features are nice, so I am not going to complain too much about that. However, I do want to complain about simple things that have been taken away, and I can not understand who in his or her right mind was thinking it was a good idea. Normally I would just walk away, but I too have been a lover of Foxit for a long time, so I thought I would at least give the opportunity to fix it before I look for something else.

    Why, oh why, would you want to click on a tool or function every single time you want to perform a task over and over again. For instance, if I want to draw arrows, I want to click the arrow tool, and then draw 10 arrows... and not click on the arrow tool every single time after I have drawn one arrow. The same applies for any of the Comment tools - seriously... that is just stupid. The norm in any software would be to click your tool, use it until you want to do something else, and then you click on the next tool - come on guys!

    I have looked through the settings, and cannot see a place to turn this on or off - so unless I have missed it, please put this back.

    I use Foxit to mark PDF documents up with lines and circles, and so on to indicate where I want things installed or moved to, etc - my work-load has now literally doubled due to this new update because I have to click twice as much.