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Deploying Foxit Reader and setting up Russian language

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  • Deploying Foxit Reader and setting up Russian language

    Hi! I want to deploy Foxit Reader to some PCs and setup Russian language.
    There is no problems with deploying software, but I can't set Russian language - there is no such settings in .adm template for GPO deployment =(

    Can you help me with this task?

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    Hi Akanil, Currently Foxit Reader doesn't support to change UI language via GPO deployment. You may distribute the language file to others then change registry settings to switch UI: 1) Download Italian language pack from this link: 2) Create a folder named "lang" in the installation folder of Foxit Reader (by default it is: "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader"), then create a sub-folder named "ru_ru", then place the mts_lang_ru_ru.xml in that sub-folder; 3) Go to the "Start" menu of Windows, then input regedit.exe in the Run line to open registry editor, then access "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 6.0\Preferences\Languages", change the value of langid to 49127d and nChooseLan to 1. Thank you.