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  • Bug Finding Text (Search) Function

    In Foxit Reader, the seach function only works for italicized text and for bookmarks and comments if they have been selected. It does not search the 'normal' text of the document. The pdf document was produced by Calibre converting from a mobi file. I note also that the search function does work when I use PDF-XChange Viewer. Is there some restriction in Foxit Reader preventing the text from being searched?

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    Hi Puertp,

    Could you please send us a copy of the mentioned PDF document and let us know which text you tried to search so we could test it on our side and better advise? Thank you in advance.


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      Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I cannot upload even one page of a document because of the file upload restriction of 20K bytes. I could send the document as an email attachment if you could provide me an email address.


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        Hi Puetp,

        Sorry for the delay. Please email the document to [email protected] and indicate which text can not be searched as well. Thank you in advance.