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Outlook Preview Fails after Update

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  • Bug Outlook Preview Fails after Update

    Foxit update to breaks the Outlook preview function. After the upgrade, attempting to preview an attached pdf results in an error message "This file cannot be previewed because of an error in the following previewer: Foxit Preview Host for PDF Preview Handler "

    There does not appear to be any whay to correct this as there is no reference to this function anywhere. The manual simply state that Foxit will preview a pdf document but offers no information on controlling it or correcting any errors. PDF previews worked prior to the update.

    How do I get the previewer to work again??

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    Correction -- Foxit version is


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      Hi Wbfranks,

      Sorry for the problem. The update may have failed the installation of Shell Extensions. Could you please kindly uninstall your existing version then download a new installer of Foxit Reader 6.0.6 directly from our website and give the re-installation a try? During the installation, please make sure that you tick the installation of 'Shell Extensions'.
      Here's the download link:


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        I've got something similar. I'm using the current version of Foxit. When I open it I get a warning message that it cannot locate an update file, and my virus checker warns me that it's blocked a dangerous action.


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          Hi Diego,

          Please try to re-install the program with the selection of 'Shell Extensions' and see if it helps. Thank you in advance.