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  • cherry
    Hi Wagner,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Could you please kindly let us know how the Auto Print work? Did you mean that once you open a PDF document from within browser then Foxit will use the current default printer to print the PDF document out? Or did you try to download all files from internet to one folder of your computer, then you need to convert them all to PDF with just one-click? If you did, you can open Foxit PhantomPDF->then go to 'File'->'Create PDF'->'From Multiple Files' then add the whole folder to convert. If I misunderstand your feature request, please show me your ideal process that auto print would be applied.
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  • Wagner Lipnharski
    started a topic Feature Auto Print

    Auto Print

    One feature that would be very attractive is the "Auto Print". A special directory that receives a PDF file from the network, Foxit would open such file and print it at the default printer in such computer or server. This feature is tremendously important where some users would dump PDF files for printing in a server, without having links or drivers for such server printer. Some "auto-print" small applications exists on the internet, but they are very broad and machine's clock cycles consuming.

    This also would be very attractive to the users having a scanner separated from the printer, willing to make copies of the scanned document. Just a button press at the scanner would create a file in that directory in the server, and Foxit would take care of the printing.

    Other important use is willing to print a PDF file from the company directory of files, or from the Internet, having only a Tablet to copy and move files, without the proper large printer drivers installed in such portable device.

    You probably don't see many suggestions like this, because users never thought it could be possible, but they would value this extra nice feature at Foxit.

    Thank you.