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Foxit Reader Application Font on Linux

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  • Foxit Reader Application Font on Linux

    Hi, I am using Linux (Arch Linux) and have installed the latest version of FR from the official download link. The application font that is being used is my fixed-width font (Liberation Mono), which while good for code, looks pretty bad when used in a UI. All other Qt5 applications I have installed are using the "General" font that I have configured (see screenshot #2 of Qt5 settings).

    I have also used FR on macOS, and it does not have this problem, so I presume there is some configuration or something to which I can set on Li nux, but I've searched online and through some of the files in the package and haven't found any place where I could set the application font.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry for the trouble. Now Foxit Reader for Linux cannot use system font to show UI, our team has acknowledged the issue, they will do further investigation and fix it. ID:MAClNX-345.


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      I am also facing that problem on my LinuxMint. I will be waiting for the fix. Kindly thanks.


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        Your comments has been updated to MACLNX-345 for processing. Thank you.


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          Please do not abandon this issue, it is still relevant and affects Manjaro Linux KDE and GNOME as well. ID:MACLNX-345

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            I've added your comments to Report ID#MACLNX-345 for processing. We'll post here when it has been improved. Thank you.


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              Thanks, I really wish I could believe anything will be done. The issue was first reported in February 2017, clearly nothing has been done in the last year either. So you'll have to forgive my lack of optimism that anything will actually be done to improve the Linux build.


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                We are very sorry for that. Your feedback has been forwarded to our team for reference, we also hope it will be improved in future soon. We'll post here when it has been improved. Thank you.


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                  Another year has gone by with no change. Is there any chance this will be fixed?


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                    Moilleadóir , I am sorry that our existing Foxit Reader for Linux has already been discontinued,so our Dev team have stopped implementing any new features
                    and capabilities for Foxit Reader for Linux.