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  • cherry
    Hi ReneHop,

    If the users try to save the document to another drive other than C disk or desktop, will they encounter the "Access is denied" error?

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  • ReneHop
    started a topic Access is denied

    Access is denied


    I have a strange problem I hope someone can help me with.

    I often get PDF documents on my email.I double-click on the attatchement in Outlook 201 and Foxit Reader is displatying the document without problem. But if I select File - Save As, and try to save the document on my desktop, I get an error message that says "Access is denied". The file is created anyway, but it is empty (0 kb). If I dont open the attatchment, but right-click on it and select Save As, there is no problem. If the document already is on my harddrive and i double-click to open it, I have no problems using File - Save As to save it as another document.

    I only get the "Acces is denied" message when i open PDF document with Foxit from within Outlook 2010 and presses File - Save As.

    I should mention that I am working on a terminal server (Windows Server 2008 R2) with roaming profiles (desktop is redirected to a network drive). The users that have this problem is normal users. My admin user (member of the servers local Administrator group) have no problems.

    Can someone please help me to locate what is making this problem? And no, I will not give everybody administrator access...