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Feature Request - Drag document edge to zoom in and out

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  • Feature Feature Request - Drag document edge to zoom in and out

    Hi Foxit,

    One of the basic interactions in a window based OS is the ability to drag the edge of a window to resize it and this is an interaction that anyone using a desktop GUI will take for granted, but it would be really useful if Foxit Reader also allowed the user to grab and drag the edge of a document in the same way to resize/zoom in and out of it. This would significantly improve the speed of zooming in and out, particularly if a number of different documents have been opened up, and could be another feature offered by the Hand tool.

    Would it be possible to add this as a feature request please?
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    Hi ti_marner, I know you are addressing foxitreader, but (while I didnt understand all of your idea) there is a lot of ways to do what you want and more,
    are you using it under a windows OS? if so, you just could use "win+arrows" to toggle the windows location + size,
    in foxit, you can use the:
    "F11" to enter the full screen,
    "ctrl+/-" for a quick zooming in/out,
    "alt+left arrow" to quickly get the zoom deep of the previous vision,
    and so one,,, I guess this satisfy the most wanted features of zooming,
    Best regards.