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  • Feature Enhance multiple document interface

    It is great that users can choose multiple instances OR multiple tabs in a single instance of foxit reader , however it is common practice in applications that have multiple tabs (eg old versions of MS-WORD/ MS-EXCEL/ MS-ACCESS, TEXTEDIT, NOTEPAD++ etc) to provide "tile vertically"," and title horizontally" tab menu options. This allows you to quickly have two pdf documents side by side in the single instance of foxit reader which is very useful for comparing document changes. Would you please consider putting this in the reader?

    In order to do this currently you need to use ALT+<minus key> choose restore and manually drag tabs as shown in screen attachment which is not really the best way to do this. How many people even know this?
    [Update: This applies to Foxit v3.2.0.303 (10MB install). I just tried V6.06 (70MB install) it has removed ALT+<minus key>]

    I realise you could work around this with multiple instances but typically doing this in single instance takes up less window space and I hope would allow search across all opened documents in an instance.
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