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Updating from reader v3.x to v6.x

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  • Feedback Updating from reader v3.x to v6.x

    Well I did an update from v3.2 (15MB install) to V6.06 (70MB install) - wow that's huge increase but all those extra features I just will not use. 90% of time is just reading PDF files full screen. I don't need browser embedding just launch the reader is enough. All I want is my custom foxit reader toolbar taking minimum screen amount and no side navigation menu.

    On the downside of this update hours of my time wasted trying to fix these annoyances because I liked the original simple clean old style foxit reader.

    - Ugly ribbon style toolbar wasting space (RESOLVED - at least you can put back old one - totally space wasting)

    - The navigation pane is waste of space for simple user (ie F4 key) damn thing opens every time (RESOLVED - took a while stop that one with registry adjustment)

    - "READ mode" in preferences, "documents", "open settings" (RESOLVED - set to "normal" if you like original behaviour this was not obvious to me)

    - does not suit me and I want to use google search (RESOLVED - replaced with google)

    On the plus side:
    - "fit to visible" that is great feature and is worth keeping with v6.x for that feature for now.
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