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    We are looking into signing options. The Signing portion of the manual is hopelessly complex and my users are overwhelmed and can't figure out how to proceed - I'm not too sure how to proceed either and I'm the IT guy!

    I'm looking for two things
    1) a concise explanation of the three (as far as I can tell) signing options - so we pick the most appropriate for us as policy
    2) concise help on how to use each option w/o being complicated with the one time setup overhead - so we have an idea of how hard/easy option will be to use daily

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    Under "Protect" menu, we could find three signing options: PDF Sign(Quick PDF Signature), Sign PDFs with DocuSign and Digital Signature.
    1) PDF Sign (Quick PDF Signature): Quick PDF Sign enables you to create your self-signed signatures and add the signature to the page directly. You don’t need to create different signatures for different roles.
    How-to: Choose Protect > Protect > PDF Sign.
    2) DocuSign: Allows users to easily send, sign and save PDF documents and forms using the industry's most widely used eSignature solution.
    3) Digital Signature: A digital signature acts as a traditional handwritten signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of a user as well as the document content. It stores information about the signer along with the date, time, and state of the document when it was signed.

    For more details about how-to-do, you may go under "Protect" menu, hover your mouse over "PDF Sign" then click on "Tell me more" to open Help Center, then input "PDF Sign" to search for the instructions about these three signing options.

    Thank you.


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      there are pdf documents that you can sign online


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        I am not aware of the Airtable documents for electronic signature. At the moment, I began to use various documents very often. Now I began to learn more and more about the different types of documents and programs for them. Now I continue to engage in this area of ​​activity, but I can not say anything. I love my job and in general, each program is good in its own way. Right now I only use one document program. I found this program on one site. Now I sit in this program all the time, and it became more comfortable for me to work. I just want to develop this site so that those who use documents do not look for complex programs for documents, but use this one and do not find it difficult to work. Thanks to the site
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