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  • Left / right arrow click

    Left click goes forward 1 page, right click goes back 1 page while to move the viewed page to the left or to the right you have to press Shift simultaneously.

    I would prefer when I left or right click to move the viewed page to the left or to the right, and, optionally, when pressing Shift and left or right arrow to change page.

    Is there any way to do this?

    Also, in the Preferences > Full Screen, I have left unchecked to last checkbox (Left click to go forward one page, right click to go back one page), however it does not work. How can I correct this?
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    OK, I discovered Customize Tools (why isn't it included in Customize or in somewhere in the menus?), and changed GoTo->Next Page from Right to Ctrl+Right and GoTo->Previous Page from Left to Ctrl+Left. Now I do not change page when I do not want to by clicking Left or Right arrow by mistake when I only want to move the focus to the left or to the right. Now when I click the Left or Right arrow nothing happens, which reminds me that I have to click Shift+Left or Shift+Arrow. That's much better. But how can I assign the arrows keys to moving the focus? IMO, that should be the default, even if overridden ty Cusomize Tools specification if it is considered desirable.

    I suspect that most people do not need to move the focus on a page to left or right because they the whole width of the page is shown on the screen, but those of us with weak vision are zooming in to compensate, and do need to move left or right within a page to read it all. I've always been doing it when surfing the internet, or reading downloaded newspaper using the Adobe Reader.
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